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HTML Syntax
created by Adam Watts July 2005
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Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Support Description Syntax End Tag Example Example Syntax Comments
Bold <b> </b> Test text <b>Test text</b> Use lower-case tags for IE.
Italic <I> </I> Test text <I>Test text</I>
Underline <U> </U> Test text <U>Test text</U>
Font Color <FONT COLOR="(color)"> </FONT> Test text <FONT COLOR="blue">Test text</FONT> Can be combined under <FONT> with similar tags
Font Face <FONT FACE="(font name)"> </FONT> Test text <FONT FACE="chiller">Test text</FONT> Can be combined under <FONT> with similar tags
Big Text <BIG> </BIG> Big Text Tag <BIG>Big<BIG>Text</BIG>Tag</BIG> Is cumulative, as seen in example
Small Text <SMALL> </SMALL> Small Text Tag <SMALL>Small<SMALL>Text</SMALL>Tag</SMALL> Is cumulative, as seen in example
Relative Font Sizing <FONT SIZE=+#> </FONT> Test text <FONT SIZE=+2>Test Text</FONT> Changes relative to base font
Blinking Text <BLINK> </BLINK> Blinking Text <BLINK>Blinking Text</BLINK>
Subscript <SUB> </SUB> H2O H<SUB>2</SUB>O
Superscript <SUP> </SUP> 3 x 108 3 x 10<SUP>8</SUP>
Deleted Text <DEL> </DEL> Test text <DEL>Test text</DEL> One of several "strike-out" tags
Strikethrough <STRIKE> </STRIKE> Test text <STRIKE>Test text</STRIKE> 2.0 strikeout standard
Strikethrough <S> </S> Test text <S>Test text</S> 3.0 strikeout standard
HTML Ignore <XMP> </XMP> <U>Test text</U> <XMP><U>Test text</U></XMP> HTML code is printed instead of interpreted by browser
Comment <?--xxx--> none <?--Comment--> Comments are only seen in source code, not printed by browser
Centered Text <CENTER> </CENTER> Text <CENTER>Text</CENTER>
Scrolling Marquee <MARQUEE LOOP="infinite"> </MARQUEE> WARNING!!! <marquee loop="infinite">WARNING!!!</marquee> Arguments in example: BGCOLOR="(color)" and WIDTH="#"
Function &fnof; none ƒ(5) = 25 &fnof;(5) = 25
Greek Capital Letter &(Letter); none Δ &Delta;
Greek Lowercase Letter &(letter); none δ &delta;
Pi &pi; none π &pi;
Micro (lowercase mu) &micro; none µ &micro;
Cumulative Sum (sigma) &sum; none &sum;
Bullet &bull; none • List &bull; List
Alef Symbol &alefsym; none &alefsym;
Arrows &xarr; none ↑←↓→↵↔ &uarr;&larr;&darr;&rarr&crarr;&harr;
Double Arrows &xArr; none ⇑⇐⇓⇒⇔ &uArr;&lArr;&dArr;&rArr;&hArr; &rArr; is also the "implies" symbol
"for all" Symbol &forall; none &forall;
Partial Differential &part; none &part;
"there exists" symbol &exist; none &exist;
Empty/Null Set &empty; none &empty;
Nabla &nabla; none &nabla;
"element of" symbol &isin; none &isin;
"not an element of" &notin; none &notin;
"contains as member" &ni; none &ni;
Radical Sign &radic; none &radic;
"proportional to" &prop; none &prop;
Infinity symbol &infin; none &infin;
Angle &ang; none ∠B &ang;B
Integral &int; none &int;
"therefore" symbol &there4; none &there4;
"varies with / similar to" &sim; none &sim;
"almost equal to" &asymp; none &asymp;
"not equal to" &ne; none &ne;
"equivalent to" &equiv; none &equiv;
"less-than or equal to" &le none &le
"greater-than/equal to" &ge; none &ge;
Vector product &otimes; none &otimes;
Perpendicular &perp; none &perp;
"much greater than" &raquo; none 100».01 100&raquo;.01
"much less than" &laquo; none .01«100 .01&laquo;100
Degree symbol &deg; none 98.6° 98.6&deg;
"one-fourth" fraction &frac14; none 2&frac14;
"one-half" fraction &frac12; none 1&frac12;
"three-fourths" fraction &frac34; none 3&frac34;
Plus/Minus symbol &plusmn; none 10±5% 10&plusmn;5%
0 with a slash &Oslash; none APØ AP&Oslash;
Using <FONT> tag <FONT style="background-color:(color)"> </FONT> highlighted text <FONT style="background-color:yellow">text</FONT>
Using <SPAN> tag <SPAN style="background-color:(color)"> </SPAN> highlighted text <SPAN style="background-color:yellow">text</SPAN> Newer standard
Hyperlink <A HREF="(URL)"> </A> Fermi Lab <A HREF="">Fermi Lab</A> Note: adding target="_blank" argument will open a new window
Email Hyperlink <A HREF="mailto:(address)"> </A> Mail this page's keeper <A HREF="">Mail this page's keeper</A> Note: example uses ?subject=(subject) after address to force mail subject