Pbar Production Stacking and Cooling Breakout Talks



The goal of the accelerator upgrades for Run 2b is to obtain 15 inverse femtobarns of integrated luminosity in the TEVATRON Collider by the year 2008. To accomplish this, the number of antiprotons in the TEVATRON Collider during Run 2b must be increased by a factor of 3 over Run 2a.

The plan to increase the number of antiprotons is divided into four parts.


Increase the number of protons on the antiproton target


Better collection efficiency of antiprotons


Better cooling of the antiprotons


Better antiproton transfer efficiency

The number of protons at colliding in the TEVATRON will also be increased by compensating the beam-beam tuneshift with electron lenses in the TEVATRON.

Plans for TEVATRON Run IIB

December 12, 2001 AAC Meeting

New Organization

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