2009 Pbar Rookie Book Update

The Pbar Rookie Book was originally worked on by Elvin Harms, the first Operations Pbar Specialist. Jim Morgan released version 1.0 in January 1997, and then version 1.1 in August 1999. Many others helped and assisted with this document.

2009 has brought us the release of version 2.0  Below is a list of each chapter in the Pbar Rookie Book and the author(s) of this update.  Jim Morgan did the majority of the drawing updates.  Once the content for each chapter was updated by the assigned author, Jim Morgan put in the finishing touches to ensure the style and formatting were consistent across the entire book.  

 All documents are available in both PDF and MS Word format.  Since different versions of MS Word often render differently, it is recommended that users open the PDF versions.   If you have troubles opening the PDF files, download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader by clicking on the graphic below.

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